3D Secure is an additional security measure to ensure your online card transactions are safe and secure. It’s mandated by card associations and managed by South African banks. Mastercard uses a security service called SecureCode. Visa uses a security service called Verified by Visa.

What happens when I use 3D Secure?

Your credit or debit card payment is redirected to your bank’s 3D Secure service to authenticate and authorise payment for online shopping. Authentication is done via one-time pins (OTPs) sent to your cellphone.

How do I register for 3D secure?

The following banks have pre-registered Visa and Mastercard credit cards.



Check or activate your card

Phone: 012 317 3344


Standard Bank

Check or activate your card

Phone. 086 120 1311



Check or activate your card

Phone: 011 710 4710



Check or activate your card by logging on to your online banking profile and follow these steps:


Select the “My Bank Accounts” tab

Select the “My Cards” sub tab

Click on “Activate Now” in the “Verified by Visa” column for the card you would like to activate

Capture your details

You will be sent an OTP to your cellphone which you will need to enter on your online banking profile

Your card will then be activated for 3D Secure/Payer Authentication online banking.

Phone: 011 369 2999



Please use your credit card pin when prompted to submit the one-time pin (OTP).

Phone: 011 286 9663


If your bank is not listed above and you are not automatically prompted to register or complete a 3D Secure payment authentication; you can contact your bank to find out how to register your debit or credit card.

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